Classical furniture maintenance and care

- Dec 28, 2017-

Ancient furniture should be kept stationary when moving to prevent damage to the furniture's mortise structure. Wood furniture due to material factors, exposure or moisture will cause damage to the furniture, resulting in deformation, cracking or even broken.

When wiping antique furniture, it is best to wipe the dust on the furniture with a dry brush and wipe it with a dry cloth of cotton cloth. A wet wipe poses a significant threat to the surface of the furniture as the water and sand mixed in the wet wipe produce particulate particles that can scratch the surface of the furniture. Stains on furniture can be dipped in water-soluble or oil-based cleaners.

After cleaning the furniture surface dust to the furniture waxing, or dust will cause wax spots, resulting in scratches. General spray wax, wax water can be, but must not use car wax. Do not wax the furniture too often, one or two weeks last time. When waxing from point to surface, from shallow to deep, and gradually in-depth.