Do you know what the secret hidden in the sofa?

- Dec 28, 2017-

If the furniture as the main body, the space is the same color system, you can make the color of the space and the sofa with the harmony. Red wall can be used ancient color leather sofa, green wall suitable for belt buckle British leather sofa, purple wall are all white leather sofa .

Furniture color, coffee table or side table with wood or metal cover glass material, a large area with a sense of weight sofa, light sofa with a dark pillow, and vice versa. Contrasting colors or similar colors can be, the point is not more than 3 Color to avoid confusion.

Monochrome Department with a similar color with a sense of harmony, but the space is very easy to flow, monotonous lifeless.Metope and the sofa is the same color or similar colors, you can choose contrast color pillow jumping color.

For example, the walls are light blue, the sofa can be dark blue, the pillow can be orange or red, or a colorful contrasting conflict mode, preferably with a green potted plant that never fails because it comes from the natural world.