How to pick a good couch?

- Dec 28, 2017-

First, the design

That's right! Buy a sofa also have to look around. Look at the color of the sofa, the style is like, whether the overall style with the home, in addition, before buying a sofa, to measure the space, the estimated size of the sofa. Choose a suitable size, with the edge of the sofa, the convenience can also bring a good mood.

Second, fabric filling

The quality of fabrics and fillers, but also installed friends are more concerned about the selection of sofas in the purchase of the sofa is, you can touch the hand and press the sofa armrest, back and cushion, feel the fabric texture and skin-friendly. If you can easily touch the wooden frame, then the tightness of the sofa is not high density, flexibility is not good enough, the choice should be cautious.

Third, try sitting

Good sofa, try to know before sitting. Trying to sit is to grasp the softness of the sofa, too soft sofa to sit there will be a sense of depression, excellent sofa body can not be relaxed, too hard or too soft sofa, are not suitable for normal human sit, will On the human spine have a certain impact.