Mahogany furniture maintenance and care

- Dec 28, 2017-

1, mahogany furniture placed indoors should be far away from the door, windows, tuyere and other parts of the air circulation, not to be direct sunlight;

2, try not to put the winter in the vicinity of the heating, so as to avoid overheating caused by local temperature shrinkage cracking;

3, to maintain indoor air humidity, the indoor temperature is maintained at 25 degrees, the humidity maintained at between 70-80%, the summer rainy season to often open the air conditioning wet, in order to reduce moisture absorption and expansion of wood, to avoid wet deformation of the tenon structure parts Slit

4, to keep the furniture neat, dry daily use of soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust.

Should not use chemical brightener, so as to avoid the film sticky damage. In order to maintain the brightness of the furniture film, the walnut can be crushed, peeled, then use three layers of gauze package seam, made of oil rub, mahogany surface oil, and then gauze to oil polishing.

5, Taiwan class mahogany furniture panels, in order to protect the film is not scratched, but also to show the wood arts, the general placement of thick glass on the countertop, and between the glass and wooden countertops with a small suction pad separated. It is recommended not to use transparent polyethylene crystal plate;

6, if the move furniture, furniture should be moved, can not be dragged, so as to avoid the overall structure of furniture loose.