Winter leather sofa maintenance Raiders

- Dec 28, 2017-

Autumn and winter dry weather, human skin is very easy to dry, this time most need to add water. The same leather sofa will also appear "dry crack" phenomenon, so in the autumn and winter, the furniture must be diligent maintenance, so that the sofa full of "water", not only can increase the aesthetics, but also make the sofa more durable.

Leather sofa new buy back, the first to clean the surface with a soft cloth dust. Many people will make mistakes, directly with a damp cloth and water to clean the surface, so it is easy to allow water infiltration into the leather sofa internal, over time, sofa leather easy to crack, reduce service life.

In addition to cleaning the surface, the newly purchased leather sofa needs protective agent on the surface. New sofa surface care, as if it is put on a protective "clothes", so when used in the future encounter pen oil, grease and other stains, you can easily remove, and has the effect of preventing mold.