Your sofa is still here, carefully guilty of feng shui taboo!

- Dec 28, 2017-

It is often said that "one life, two fortunes and three feng shui" shows that the impact of feng shui on people's fortunes is still great, especially the influence of feng shui on people's fortunes is especially important. In fact, feng shui is an environmental science. If we analyze it with modern science, it is the environment that affects people's mind and thus determines a person's personality and style of doing things which in turn leads to the success or failure of the matter.

In the home life, the living room is an important place for possession of wind and gas, but also hospitality, talk about the place; then the living room sofa is particularly important place, if the guests come home, how to sit are not comfortable certainly not good . Therefore, in terms of Feng Shui, the proportion of living room Feng Shui is still very large.

The sofa should not be placed under the window, the window is generally used for ventilation, if we put our own sofa under the window, we sit on top of it easy to blow us a little migraine, and secondly, the sofa is equivalent to the home Of the fiscal position, if the sofa in such a position, the wealth of the home may become worse and worse, so we must pay attention to this pattern, do not put the sofa under the window.