Cold Decoration Knowledge To Understand You Are Up To People!

- Dec 28, 2017-

First, the main source of decoration pollution is furniture

After finishing the owner is most worried about the problem of excessive formaldehyde, generally more than six months of casual flavor. Many people do not know where the pungent taste is, in fact, the wall paint is the selection of environmentally friendly paint, wallpaper stickers are also glutinous gum, hard stage is no environmental problems. The main indoor pollution from furniture, furniture sheet, varnish, paint pollution are "hardest hit" when buying plates must pay attention to formaldehyde emission levels, or endless trouble!

Second, three solid wood flooring and multi-storey wooden floor difference

Three solid wood flooring: good wood elasticity, comfortable feet, good warmth, natural color, structural stability, represents the current international fashion trends.

Multi-storey solid wood flooring: prestressed design, each template criss-cross, good stability, dry shrinkage rate is low, natural color, good wood elasticity, comfortable feet, cost-effective, is the future development trend of wood flooring.

Three-layer parquet by the table, substrate, floor three-tier structure, is a three-tier structure instead of three stacked together (here is a misunderstanding). Multi-storey solid wood floor structure: the watch board, grassroots and floor, the thickness of the watch board: 0.6 / 1.2 / 2.0mm is common, that is to say the surface of the tree species, grassroots more than the same tree willow superposed, floor hardness Higher quality beech.

Third, the layout of hydropower piping

Most people see the water pipes, pipe arrangement horizontal and vertical, it looks domineering, it is considered a good construction. In fact, sometimes too much horizontal and vertical means that when the line tube is taken, more detours are needed. Experienced plumbers know that the electric wires will eventually move to the bottom so that the arrangement of hydropower is not horizontal and vertical The more the better, sometimes increase the ground, pipe to minimize bending, but even more ideal.

Fourth, hydropower slotting method

Horizontal vertical slotted look is beautiful, in fact, not a good craft. In general, in order to ensure the stability of the building decoration is not recommended to open horizontal slot. However, in actual operation, sometimes it is necessary to open a horizontal groove, but to ensure that within one meter, if more than 1 meter large horizontal groove, is to go to the ground. In addition, the slotting process is not the more smooth the better the section, because the last slot is to be through the cement mortar leveling, jagged edges instead more conducive to leveling.

Fifth, plaster ceiling cracks repair

Finishing a year or two of the house, if it is gypsum ceiling, the corner is prone to some cracks, with the paint simply rolling, looks good, after a while there are still seams. In fact, this gap is due to the corner location, decoration company stitching with two gypsum board. Post-renovation materials, thermal expansion and contraction, there will be cracks.