Daily Maintenance Of Furniture

- Dec 28, 2017-

1, routine maintenance, the use of a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface of the paint regularly, do not let furniture contact acid, alkaline chemicals and oil.

2, burning marks: cigarette butts or not extinguished matches left in the furniture paint scorch, if the paint burning, in the matchstick or toothpick wrapped in a layer of fine hard cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a layer Thin wax, coke marks can be diluted.

3, hot mark: furniture left on the surface accidentally white hot mark, generally as long as alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or tea wet cloth can be wiped. If you can not deal with the best paint the surface again.

4, scratches: If the furniture paint scratches, did not touch the paint under the wood, can be the same furniture color crayons or paint the furniture in the wound smear to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent nail polish A layer can be.

5, water marks: can be covered with a damp cloth marks printed on, and then use the iron carefully press the wet cloth several times, marks can be diluted.

6, hardware decorative pieces simply wipe with a dry cloth can be, do not use chemicals containing cleaning agents.

7, often wash the furniture with Mo Shui water surface, paint the surface can be long-term maintenance of gloss and brightness.

8, soaked with milk (available expired can not drink milk) cloth wipe furniture, and then clean the furniture wipe clean, decontamination effect is good.