How To Maintain Dinette To Reduce Wear And Tear

- Dec 28, 2017-

1, Slit in the card full of dirt how to do?

Brush with makeup honey! Find the honey brush to use, brush the dirty things within the slit, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck clean, this method is particularly effective on the rattan chair.

2, forgot to put the insulation pad how to do?

Almost all the tables are afraid of heat, so when placed on the table must use the thermal pad insulation, or after a meal, I saw the table left behind in a circle of white scale, no matter how good The mood also flew to nine heavy heaven.

3, scratching how to do?

Scratched table problems most often occur in families with small children, curious and playful children often create a "surprise" in your life, most of the time you will always feel too late. Do not worry, you can solve the problem this way: colored wooden dinette can first use the dye in the injured area to do complementary work, and other dyes dry, then a uniform upper light wax. The use of wooden floor repair fluid, but also can easily remove minor scratches on the table and chairs.

4, white scale how to do on the table?

Remove the white scale on the wooden table and use cotton with camphor oil to wipe it back and forth along the traces of white scale. If you want to clear the white scale on the glass, you can pour some stains on the white stains, and then use the old stockings to wipe it off.

5, spilled soup caused by how to do color?

For knitted material dinette, especially leather and cloth, when the soup is poured on the food without treatment, it will produce color or leave a stain. If the soup has been dried, try the following: wooden dinette with a hot cloth to remove dirt, and then depending on the situation with the dye repair. The first part of the cortex to clean the dirt with a rag, and then use special dyes complement color. Part of the cloth with a brush stained with a concentration of 5% soap warm water, brush dirty parts, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.