How To Remove The New Furniture, The Fastest Taste?

- Dec 28, 2017-

Furniture on the market now looks bright and beautiful, manufacturers in order to attract consumers, a large number of furniture painted with a variety of paint or coating, so as to increase the furniture surface luminosity and change the sense of rough wood. However, in this way, the good furniture is so pungent

First: After the furniture is bought back, be sure to place it on the edge of the ventilated window. It is necessary to constantly open the windows and ventilate the air, which is good for blowing away the taste brought by the furniture.

Second, the green potted plants also have a role in the deodorant of the furniture! Put a few plants potted plants edge, both to absorb the odor of furniture can also decorate the family's beauty. Of course, even if there is no new buy furniture, usually buy some green plants at home, good harmless!

Third, usually leftover tangerine peel pomelo leather placed in the furniture closed beta, you can absorb the memory of formaldehyde odor, life, it is convenient oh!

Fourth, activated carbon is also helpful, however, and the packaged activated carbon needs to be replaced on a regular basis.

Fifth, the smell of furniture to remove the spray.