Leather Sofa How To Taste The Most Effective

- Dec 28, 2017-

Leather sofa how to taste it? Needless to say the comfort of leather sofa, people get on there is a kind of do not want to get up again. Now people choose a lot of leather sofa, sofa comfort is valued as a reason, the price of the sofa is also a big determinant. Today's production process is more and more mature, so its price is also constantly declining. However, there is a very fatal weakness leather sofa, that is, the taste of the sofa is very heavy, people often do not meet.

The first method is to use the tea water to wash the sofa, tea water soaking time can be longer, overnight tea can not drink, but used to remove the taste of the sofa, or very effective. Of course, if you do not use tea, then scrub with salt water can achieve good results, the sofa will taste much weakened.

The second is to go to the market to buy lemon flavor freshener, this can be sprayed directly on the sofa, but also in the room spray, let it more to eliminate the taste of the sofa. Of course, direct purchase of cotton balls soaked with citric acid is also OK, these cotton balls can be placed directly on the sofa.

Another leather sofa how to taste the third method is to use vinegar to wipe, of course, vinegar volatile ability to use this method, but also people do not hate the taste of Yang Caixing. The company is located in:

The fourth method is a very environmentally friendly way, that is, living room decoration design at home to plant some can purify the air plants. Such as aloe there is a good effect of purifying the air, can be very good to remove the odor on the sofa.

Leather sofa how to taste The fifth method is to use oranges, note oranges, not orange peel. Placed directly on the edge of the sofa with the plate, after a period of time change again. Note that these oranges can not be re-consumed, so as to avoid physical discomfort.