On The Sofa Filler Related Analysis

- Dec 28, 2017-

Soft polyurethane foam for sofa filling sponge, is divided into three kinds of conventional sponge, traditional polyether and TDI. Has a good resilience, softness and permeability. High rebound sponge is a kind of active polyp and TDI Sponge, with excellent mechanical properties and good flexibility. Compression load, flammability, good air permeability. A different size and size of the natural seaweed sponge. It has a flexible, compressive and good elasticity characteristics.

Down fill material: down to do sofa filling material, get comfortable, long-term use of deformation is small, the disadvantage is slow rebound, the cost is also high. Commonly used in high-end sofa sponge, or appropriate pad cushions.

Rayon filling material: Rayon make sofa filling material, excellent flexibility, comfortable to sit up, but poor mechanical properties, compressive load, suitable for cushions.

Sofa filler selection point: According to the type of filler, using a very different .In general, the fabric sofa cushion filler should be more than 30 kg / cubic meter high resilience sponge more appropriate, most of the sponge The best form of filling is to use a high resilience sponge of more than 30 kg / m³, a combination of chaos sponge with down or spun rayon to enhance comfort and longevity.

In the selection, please ask the type of filler.If the filler is a sponge, understand the density of the sponge, with gravity feel the rebound effect of the seat, sitting in a comfortable seat. Sponge pad general use, the national standard / cubic M, the international standard 35Kg / m3. The undersurface structure is superior to the bandage structure. The superior bandage is superior to the bad bandage structure. In the above two principles, advanced sofas generally adopt the sandwich structure design.

Sofa fabric: fabric density and sofa products related to the mechanical wear life.National standards for the sofa fabric density greater than 300D, most of the use of chemical fiber fabrics, blended fabrics, the current surface of China's textile microfiber fabric is very difficult to use In the sofa, due to pure, durable shrinkage, elasticity and other factors, fabric sofa is rarely used cotton fabric.