Small Coup To Clean The Furniture Sofa

- Dec 28, 2017-

Rubbed with egg white, dirty leather sofa, you can use a clean flannel dipped in some egg and wipe clean, remove stains, make the skin translucent.Use toothpaste to wipe the refrigerator shell and refrigerator general dirt.Use a soft cloth light Lightly rub a little toothpaste.If the stubborn stains, you can squeeze some toothpaste again and again to wipe it.Refrigerator will clean.As the toothpaste contains abrasive, so the stain is strong.

Dipped in milk to clean wooden furniture, take a clean cloth dipped in expired milk, can not drink, and then wipe the table with a rag, cabinets, such as wooden furniture, decontamination effect is very good, and finally rinse again with water. After the furniture stained with dust, you can use wet gauze wrapped tea leaves to wipe, or scrub with cold tea, will be more smooth and bright.

White radish cooking table, kitchen counter, cut white radish with detergent.for Will produce unexpected cleaning effect, you can also use cucumber, carrot, white radish slices, however, the best results. Alcohol cleaning plush sofa , Wool fabric sofa can be dipped in a brush with a little diluted alcohol again, and then dryer to prevent juice stains, with 1 teaspoon of soda and water to make, and then wipe the stain, the stain will drop.

Apple oil pollution in the kitchen, the oil layer in the kitchen sink, often occurs immediately after eating the apple core to scrub the grease, it is because the fruit contains pectin stone, pectin with the role of grease to remove the salt on the carpet Drink soup, have children's home, the carpet is often out of soup, can not use a damp cloth.Apply a clean dry cloth or towel followed by dry water, and then spread some salt on the ground, such as salt infiltration into the surface absorption of salt with a vacuum cleaner, with Brush to complete the carpet can be.

Ice cubes remove chewing gum, and some kids like to chew gum and carelessly put it on the carpet.The rug stuck to the gum is not easy to get down, but the ice in the plastic bag is covered with gum, and after about 30 minutes Hand press feel hard, get on the ice, brush the brush with a brush.Use plastic packaging, this is a lazy, lazy guy wrap the kitchen wall with plastic wrap.As plastic packaging easy adhesion characteristics, coupled with Transparent, imperceptible naked eye, plastic wrap a few weeks later, simply tear off the package, gently overlay a layer, without laborious.