What Is The Difference Between Leather And Natural Leather?

- Dec 28, 2017-

With the development of science and technology, artificial leather technology is mature, product quality greatly improved, especially in the simulation paper, articles convincing, in many ways, such as permeability, flexibility, feel and appearance similar to natural leather, but the price is Much lower than natural leather, therefore, in order to enhance our ability to identify and introduce some simple and direct methods for reference.

Visual identification methods: first of all, leather decorative patterns should be respected, such as the identification hole, you can see the natural leather pattern of the face, the pores do exist, and the uneven distribution of animal fibers on the reverse side of the cross-section, clear, with lower Animal fibers, scratch will appear a fingernail fiber, there is increased feeling, a small amount of fiber can also fall.

You can see the reverse side of the fabric and synthetic leather, animal fibers side, the general skin without pores, but there are some imitation leather pores, there will be obvious pores exist, and some patterns are not obvious, or artificial decorative patterns , The pores are the same.

Feelings of identification methods: two leather feel flexible, leather down 90 degrees will have a natural folds, bent at different locations were broken line thickness, how many, there is obvious uneven, the basic can be identified as leather , Because of the natural uneven fibrous dermal tissue, resulting in crease lines are also obvious inhomogeneity and synthetic leather feel like plastic, poor recovery, bending down the thickness of the fold is also similar.

Odor identification method: natural leather has a thick hairy smell, even after processing, the taste is obvious, and artificial leather products, there is a plastic taste, no fur.

Burning identification method: Mainly odor smell smell and see the ash state, natural leather burning smell of hair burning, burning ashes are generally easily broken into powder, and artificial leather, the burning flame is also thriving, and then rapidly shrinking, and Have a bad plastic taste, after the sticky burn, after cooling hardened into pieces.