What Kind Of Fabric Cover The Common Sofa

- Dec 28, 2017-

As the use of foot bath sofa is relatively high, it will inevitably be dirty, in order to better maintain the sofa, so most of the owners will give their own foot bath sofa to add a coat. The most common is the foot bath sofa touch place a layer Towel, so that even if dirty, cleaning is also very convenient.

There is also a custom sofa set foot bath sofa, sofa cover can be 360 degrees better protection of foot bath sofa.In fact, custom made foot bath sofa has a variety of fabrics, you know? Here's a look.

At present, the most common fabrics on the market are cotton, linen and velvet fabrics, and because of the comfortable, personal, breathable, healthy, etc., make the sofa cover made by many customers .In the choice of cotton material, not only To see the three-dimensional flower, but also to soften the color, the key is to see whether the photo and the store's decorative style.

Linen is a special fabric of the ancient European royal family.Because linen absorbs moisture 20 times more than its own weight, the linen fabric feels dry, in addition it has temper, anti-allergy, antistatic, antibacterial For flannel, flannel has a soft affinity than leather, and easy to clean in the flannel dust.